TPR Fiberdur GmbH

TPR Fiberdurآ® (formerly Deutsche Fibercast) are a market-leading, global supplier of fiber reinforced pipe (FRP) systems for industrial, chemical, civil, energy, marine applications.
TPR Fiberdurآ® represents over 50 years of successful experience in the design and manufacture of composite thermosetting pipe systems and other specialised liquid transmission systems.
TPR Fiberdurآ® offer a wide range of FRP/GRP pipe systems. Based on polyester, vinyl ester or epoxy resin, TPR Fiberdurآ® pipe systems are produced as filament wound, in diamters ranging from 25 mm to 2000 mm and in section lengths up to 10 meters.
Operating internationally, and with a wide spectrum of reference applications and projects, Fiberdur offer a complete advisory, development and production service. Our technical and manufacturing facilities enable us to undertake pipe system customisation to meet the needs of virtually and project, and we welcome opportunities to provide innovative, cost effective composite solutions. Our design, development and project management team have the knowledge, experience and dedication to meet your needs.