About Us

Nashed |Engineering & Consulting is one of the Libyan's leading independent engineering, project management and consultancy firms.

Founded in 2012, Our engineering consultancy is entirely independent; we are therefore in a position to give impartial advice in the best interests of our clients, uninfluenced by interests in the equipment supply or contracting industries.
Nashed delivers the technical plans and provides engineering consultancy and services for demanding and complex infrastructure projects, such as power plants, energy transmission and distribution facilities, systems for drinking water supply and sanitation, and facilities for waste treatment. Engineers as well as organizational and business consultants work worldwide on solutions for exploiting regenerative energy sources, energy-efficient concepts, and waste management concepts, and advise on all aspects of emission trading to reduce greenhouse gases.
With the effective combination of corporate consultancy at the interfaces of technical planning and engineering consultancy, Nashed provides customized solutions from one source to realize large-scale projects.

Our work

is characterised by the highest standards of engineering and design, a reputation for innovation and results that stand the test of time.

Our vision

is to be the next evolution in design engineering and consultancy, keeping us ahead of our competition.